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SPOT - Smart Parking Organization Technologies

SPOT is a technology platform that uses data transmission via IoT networks to solve parking difficulties. It consists of #Detector (smart parking vehicle detector) that reliably tracks parking occupancy in particular slots, #Permit card that validates parking through a cloud-based server smart parking application #DaTA and #Locker (intelligent mechanical barrier) controlled via an app (in development). Combining these elements enables solutions to any parking use-case - which is our mission!

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#Detector - provides more than just sensing See technical specification of Smart Parking Detector

Detection method 3-axis magnetic field
Weight 188g
Dimensions Φ 90 mm/ 35 mm
Casing Black (ultrasonic welded into one piece)
Ingress protection IP68
Operating temperature -40 to +75 °C
Power Lithium battery
Battery life 5-10 years, depending on parking frequency (see details)
Network LoRaWANTM, SigFox, NB-IoT, BLE
Detection performance 99 %
Warranty 1 year
Detectors control Via server smart parking application called #DaTA, see more info below
3D model of #Detector Real parking #Detector Real park places with IoT parking #Detectors Download data sheet

#DaTA (Deployment and Tracking Application)The #Detectors transmit their data via various IoT protocols to our web-based smart parking application called #DaTA, which is used for:

Administering the customers and their carparks (incl. the detailed design of the carpark topology, i.e. the mutual position between individual slots).
Administering the #Detector types (LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT) and deployment locations on the globe.
Data analytics and regular reporting on #Detectors health status and carpark occupancy statistics.
Data-storage and data-export (PUSH or PULL to client’s IT systems).

Why choose #Detectors? There are at least 10 advantages:

#1 - High detection success rates

This is whole science for magnetic sensing and we have managed it. We have developed a unique corrective algorithm, which makes magnetic detection very reliable (more than 99 % correct detections). This set us apart from our competitors.

#2 - Short lead times

We are ready to deliver #Detectors in large numbers thanks to our pre-ordered modules needed for mass production. We are able to deliver in large orders in 20 days or less. We also have prepared samples for initial testing which are ready to go.

#3 - Long lasting battery life

The battery life is predicted to last for 5 - 8 years (depending on parking frequency, see calculation). We provide service and battery replacement for older #Detectors. The #Detector can be also remotely and temporarily switched off when not in use.

#4 - Extreme resistant casing

The #Detector case is designed to withstand extremely difficult environmental conditions. It meets the IP68 standard; it is ultrasonically welded into one piece and all electronic components are perfectly secured.

#5 - Versatility of communication modules

We are completely flexible when it comes to the type of communication module. The customer can choose the module as needed. We are ready to deliver #Detectors with communication module for LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT.

#6 - Maintenance and further development

Our onboard bootloader enables firmware updates of the #Detectors. Therefore we can provide further innovations and completely new features that will become available even after the contract is set. For instance a parking authorization feature.

#7 - Very competitive price

We focus on technology. We are looking for sales and business partners for whom we have prepared a special motivating price. Because we are a Slovak based company we have also very special pricing for Slovak cities.

#8 - Eco friendly solution

All electronics within the #Detector are reusable even the casing. It make the technology cheaper and affordable for our clients. We also want to protect the environment against e-waste.

#9 - Three easy steps for installation

One, two, three. Easy as that, thanks to our dedicated mobile application DeToM (for Android) for installations. Step one: IoT registration. Step two: installation of mapping and initial configuration. Step three: calibration and your #Detectors are online. Only you need for providing an installation is your smartphone.

#10 - Easy management via server application

An application manages the #Detectors, their deployments and provides basic data on the status of electronics. It also provides info about parking the current parking situation which can be embedded just like on our header. It is appropriate for single parking places. For complex smart cities solutions we recommend application ParkDots (see bellow).

Price quotation

#Permit card - validates parking (additional feature) Residential parking is a big issue! It is therefore a special use case we are working on through cooperation of the #Detectors and the #Permit card. See below:

Parking discipline
Saving resources
Happy residents

“Do you live in the city center or on a busy address? You will surely know the problem of parking for the residents. Residential parking places are illegally occupied by non-residents, and residents have trouble parking.” This problem is solved by our technology!

#Detector cooperating with the #Permit card is a technology applicable also for many different use-cases e.g. - zone parking, company parking, parking for block of apartments etc.

ParkDots - end user smart parking application for any use-case App of 3rd party, our partner PosAm.

Search for free parking space close to your POI and up-to-date occupancy information.
Navigation to your parking lot (with automatic redirection in case the lot becomes occupied).
Purchase of parking tickets and comfortable payment using the mobile application.
Notification of the approaching end of the validity of a ticket with the possibility to prolong it.
Sharing of private parking spaces.

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